Review: Sleeper & District – The Risk / Dark Mutations [OSMUK025]

Sleeper and District come correct with their next 12”, this time on the highly regarded imprint, Osiris Music. Owned and operated by none other than Kryptic Minds, the calibre of each record released on this label is outstanding, and the newly signed duo certainly uphold this golden standard.

“The Risk” has been a Youngsta exclusive for the majority of 2012, slipping in and out of the many flawless three deck blends for which the iconic DJ controls so effortlessly. Like most of the third deck teasers; Loefah’s “Midnight”, Skream’s “Phatty Drummer” or the infamous “Memories Of 3rd Base”, “The Risk” embodies the perfect arrangement of elements to invigorate the mix in play. Trademark atmospherics envelop a swelling energy of rhythmical pads, meticulous percussion and warping reese synths, but the driving component here are the melodic stabs. It enriches the entire beat with a gritty texture, a darkened edge, making it one to draw for when playing out at the dance.

On the flip, Sleeper takes command and control of the buttons to deliver full militant weight. “Dark Mutations” consolidates his electrifying signature sound, by inverting the original template of space and minimalism, and injecting an assaulting barrage of sonic bass. In similar treatment as “Dawn of the Replicants”, or the more recently self-released “Underworlds, the track’s energy is propelled forward by twisting reese synths, rigorously placed snares and techno infused drums. The ‘full-bodied’ development and creative direction of Sleeper and District’s sound through-out 2012 has unquestionably been groundbreaking. Their technical advancement in approaching production and engineering has now placed them as two of the most sought-after producers in the underground scene.

OSMUK025 is available from Juno Download.

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