Review: Sleeper – Ritual / Tidal // Quadrant [ARTKL007]

With a host of new artists set to appear on Artikal over the coming months, the seminal label continues to push the sonic envelope of underground bass music. The current roster is already an impressive one, featuring key players whose productions are having a colossal impact worldwide. From the tech hybrid beats of Core & Killawatt to the sub-bass steppers by Truth, the Artikal sound is a diverse and vigorous one. It is of no surprise then to hear J:Kenzo announcing that Sleeper, TMSV and Ipman are among the influential names soon to be joining the family – each offer a unique palette of sounds which are shaping the next chapter of the ‘dubstep’ odyssey.

With ARTKL007, Sleeper delivers a barbaric assault of concussive sounds; ferocious war drums, electrifying reese riffs and stampeding sub-bass. Ritual / Tidal is a chaotic tribal frenzy building from a lead of unearthly atmospherics into a militant jungle siege of guerrilla synth work, invigorating drum patterns and bongo driven grooves. “Exercising dub fundamentals; he introduces tight, swiftly syncopated extra percussion on top of thuggish half-step rhythms, slyly building incredible kinetic energy with intensely delicate finesse”. The digital bonus ‘Quadrant’, closes the frantic barrage with an exhilarating mix of neurofunk aesthetics; signature swirling reese synths, tech-infused drums swathed with melodic stabs and subliminal bass movement.

Building an impressive discography across three pivotal labels, Sleeper is a force to be reckoned with. Industry ties with producers slash imprint owners including Distance, Kryptic Minds, and J:Kenzo are crucial for the development and maturation of the Sleeper sound. Collaborations with Kryptic Minds have already begun to surface, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s learnt a trick or two from the knowledgeable old boys. Expect further releases from Sleeper under the Chestplate and Osiris imprints later this year. For now, go cop Ritual / Tidal and show the support he clearly deserves.

ARTKL007 is available to purchase from the Artikal Music Store.

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