Review: Tremble – Far Wud / Troubles And Temptations [RUFFCUT007]

The new Ruffcut 10″ plate, RUFFCUT007 comes in the form of “Far Wud” and “Troubles and Temptations” from a producer already familiar to the imprint, Tremble.

“Far Wud” rides through an atmospheric landscape of sound system music. Vocal samples greet the huge bass line as the track begins its voyage through reverbing percussion and drum beats. As the track progresses so does the blistering bass line furthering to rip through your sound system in true style.

“Troubles and Temptations” provides a more upbeat affair with the drum patterns playing more of a role in the tracks overall image. Tremble’s trademark style is felt throughout, with mini breakdowns helping to progress the track. Echoing pianos and raw vocals keep the track in tune with the dub style.

RUFFCUT007 is out now and available from the Osiris Music Store.

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