Review: Uprise Audio – The Uprising EP [UA004]

UA004 signifies a turning point for Uprise Audio. Being the first release to consist of tracks from multiple artists, the record assembles five pinnacle tracks from the likes of Uprise boss Seven, Quantum Soul, Dubtek & Chewie, Klax & Disonata, as well as Uprise Audio newcomer Wayfarer. Following a first place ranking in the dubstepforum awards for ‘Best New Label’, they are determined to further their sonic excursions with this behemoth of an EP. Having seen tremendous support from top grade DJ’s like J:Kenzo, N-Type, and Youngsta, Uprise Audio’s first compilation release, “The Uprising” EP takes forth a surefire precedence of forward thinking dubstep productions.

A. Seven – Go To War

Light meets dark in this stomper of a track from Uprise chief, Seven. Thick atmospheric pads linger into the drop. A firm half step beat trembles with strong militant kicks. Scattered synthetic hits and well-reverberated snares mark the key elements of his percussive arrangement. Seven’s signature craft of mid ranges follow the menacing low end that leads this track entirely, and it is that combination that makes for such a devastating stepper of a track.

B. Klax & Disonata – Lost Souls

Growing from a sparse atmospheric intro; the vibrant leads stagger around granulated mid tones & a dark arrangement of strings. Rising to a mesmerizing crescendo, the track suddenly erupts with ferocious rolling kicks and a bombardment of thick bassline. The powerhouse drums emit an amplitude of force, in an autonomic-like construct. An innovative and progressive take on production, “Lost Souls” bursts with deep, directed energy & passage, destined to keep any dance floor on their toes.

C. Wayfarer – Shaman

“Shaman” is an excursion from the typical 140bpm construct that dubstep has become saturated with. A sonic imprint radiantly portraying Wayfarer’s craving for ancestral influence, “Shaman” is quick to draw the listener in, as hypnotic atmosphere and vocal chords permeate the inner most cerebral of the audience. Punchy kicks layered with colorful synth work harmonize with progressive and densely syncopated drum elements. The array of tribal hits, open snares, and shakers give off an organic presence. Densely reverberated hits linger in the distance, as the surrounding synths definitively carve a limitless atmosphere.

D1. Quantum Soul – Underworld

Heavily driven by the drum line on this track, “Underworld” resonates of the deep, dark minimalist vibe. Spatial percussion and dense atmospheric pads push forth an extremely consuming presence. Staggered hits saturate the foreground and accent the environment created. Subtle undertones in the percussion further the minimal progression on this well crafted beat from Quantum Soul.

D2. Dubtek & Chewie – Primitive

This collective effort from Uprise Audio’s Dubtek & Chewie pushes a hard-hitting half step sound, accentuated by heavily reverberated snares and subtle under laying percussive elements. “Primitive” pushes on the more rigid side of the 140bpm sound, whether standing alone or in the blend, this track pushes heavily fortified frequencies arranged to destroy the dance.

UA004 is released June 3rd and is available from Juno Download.