Sepia – Pay Attention EP [WPR019]

Throughout last year White Peach supplied their listeners with some quality grime and dubstep releases from well established artists, but also less familiar names giving them a chance to show the world their unique styles. With this tactic, White Peach is definitely turning into a label that you should pay attention to (see what I did there). Already on their third release of 2017, White Peach signs Sepia for a four track EP, exploring a little corner of dubstep directly on the border of grime. This is especially apparent in the titular track which incorporates a certain grimey swing. Slowly moving to a more familiar style over the course of the EP, it manages to paint a broad picture of styles within the genre of dubstep.

The titular track “Pay Attention”, starts with a slow fade-in of the different elements, giving a nostalgic feeling as the track comes up. But then it hits you. No warning, no chance to prepare, just a trumpet swing playing over a grime beat that instantly grabs you and doesn’t let go until it’s done. “Lean Back”, on the other hand, starts simple. A bass heavy track and a ghostlike lead gently pulling at the strings of your mind. At least, until the second lead comes in and completely changes the nature of the tune. The first timid tune opens up and reveals its real intentions, taking your mind into space.

“Swing” continues in the same manner “Lean Back” started in but this time taking you deep underground. An eerie assemblage of strings flows over a trembling bass and a vocal chop occasionally gasps for air. “Swing” is a complete 180 turn from the previous track turning the light hearted meditative flow of “Lean Back” into something almost akin to the score of a horror movie. The last track on the EP, “Shadows” delves deep. It’s the most minimalistic track of the EP, and reminds one of a dark and smoky cellar. A natural follower of the saying; “people have to feel it”, there are no more tricks, this tune doesn’t have time for that. It’s a serious stepper for a serious system and it doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. Except that it can make the room vibrate.

Sepia’s third solo vinyl release joins his previous records: “Harp Song” on GourmetBeats and “Laid To Rest” on Infernal Sounds. With this third release as his first EP, it’s apparent that Sepia is here to stay and is going to be leaving his mark on the scene.

WPR019 is out now and available from Redeye, Juno, Intense Records and of course the White Peach Store.

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