Sibla – You Know What / Huckster / Guzheng Zither [RARE5]

Back in October of 2017, TRUSIK’s Director of Internal Affairs met with Rarefied Recordings Incorporated CEO Mr. Sinclair to discuss forthcoming projects as well as various dealings with Unearthed Sounds LLC. Two months later, Rarefied Recordings Incorporated was found liable for environmental damage when three projects created by a now missing Professor Sibla were illegally dumped in the fragile Ebenezer Swamp Ecological Preserve, of Shelby County, near the town of Montevallo in Alabama. Initial reports from local law enforcement were strange, as reports included occurrences that bordered on the supernatural. After the Shelby Baptist Medical Center (approximately 12.3 miles from Montevallo) saw a 34% increase of inbound patients with neurological disturbances and in one case (and this is only rumor) of genetic mutation. A team of twelve laboratory technicians led by Danny Ochoa, twenty four lab assistants, operations manager Cecilia Nita Sweeney as well as an operational security support team of eight supplied from the Lexington, KY based PMC Northbridge Services Group Ltd. The team was deployed to Brierfield, AL to set up a mobile laboratory and report back findings to HQ1.

The laboratory results are disturbing to say the least; from the “soul” of James Brown wheezing across an mold-speckled Farfisa organ on “You Know What”, to “Huckster”s warbling sirens and the possessed “Guzheng Zither”. All three projects have been determined to present a serious health hazard. They pose a viral potential when deployed acoustically within small spaces with high volumes of people. Additionally, experiments on the remnants had found that when deployed in close quarters the bio-effects on various internal organs and the central nervous system included auditory shifts, vibro-tactile sensitivity change, muscle contraction, cardiovascular function change, central nervous system effects, vestibular (inner ear) effects, and chest wall/lung tissue effects. Researchers found that low frequency exposure could result in significant cavitations, hypothermia, and tissue shearing. A potential application to be considered would be to induce noise-related neurologic disturbances for use against enemy combatants or crowd control when used in conjunction with our LRAD devices.

Spectral analysis of “You Know What” indicated that the presence of what is believed to be what the laboratory technicians determined to be a “spirit” or “soul” of what they have nicknamed “James Brown” given the auditory similarity to the deceased musician. Testing conducted with seven test subjects (culled from the Shelby County Jail) against a control group also presented technicians with sub-bass frequencies that caused supra-ventricular tachycardia in all seven subjects and a spectral “Farfisa” drone caused a dramatic increase in vibro-tactile sensitivity of all those present including laboratory technicians, tests subjects, the control group and civilians alike within a 3km radius of the forward operating base. Further testing should be considered, but at present, the risk for mass contamination of local population centers presents a cause of concern and caution.

Meanwhile laboratory findings of project “Huckster” were initially inconclusive, but where later to found that when the warbling sirens were played at high volume this led to a disturbance in the electromagnetic navigation of the local migratory bird populations causing their inner ear canals to burst and ultimately falling from the sky in high numbers to their death. The local newspaper, The Shelby County Reporter reported that over two hundred and fifty Great Cormorants as well as numerous local bird species were found dead across I-25 and its environs. The operational security team from Northbridge Services Group were dispatched to handle the reporter appropriately. Additionally, a large donation to the paper’s president and publisher Tim Prince from our friends at the Hill to ensure a wider circulation does not occur. At the present moment, wider circulation has not occurred, effectively the story has been buried and been deleted from the The Shelby County Reporter’s online properties. A team will need to be dispatched to gather any hard copies remaining in the area. The reporter has been placed on family leave and a generous sum has been deposited into a bank account in Curaçao under his wife’s maiden name.

Testing on project “Guzheng Zither” proved difficult. The object itself “lured” any human subject with a five foot radius to play it. In order to circumvent this, the object was placed in an airlock container measuring 7 feet by 7 feet and then proper testing began. Laboratory technicians and assistants found that the zither emitted a releaser pheromone that dispersed a powerful attractant molecule that attaches itself to 5-HT receptors causing a powerful and euphoric urge to play the instrument. Interviews with those effected stated that it was a similar experience to sexual attraction or the effects of “street drugs” like ecstasy, molly and similar substituted methylenedioxyphenethylamines. Eventually the “Guzheng Zither” began to mutate its pheromones to eat away at the protective barrier that was constructed. Soon after, at 3:12 am on Wednesday the 6th of December laboratory assistants April Brock, Lucia Wyatt and Ted Snider were all found huddled over the instrumental striking the strings with raw and bloody fingers. They all were found to be unresponsive to commands and attacked aggressively when anyone else tried to pull them away. Nothing else could be done and all three were pacified by the Northbridge team. Their bodies have been cremated and disposed in accordance to procedure. Soon after, operations manager Cecilia Sweeney and head laboratory technician Danny Ochoa determined that a larger holding facility equipped with a multi-tiered security structure and multiple decontamination rooms was needed to properly house the “Guzheng Zither”. In communications sent back to HQ1 it was determined to transport the zither from Brierfield to Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, AL (approximately an hour and 12 minute drive) where it would be then transported to blacksite PL4817 for further testing and research.

As of December 9th, the “Guzheng Zither” had arrived at Maxwell Air Force Base and en route to PL4817. Cecilia Sweeney, Danny Ochoa, and the rest of the assistants have been debriefed at HQ1 on December 12th. Meanwhile the operational security support team from Northbridge have been disposed of by an internal operational security team when they were en-route back to Lexington, KY. The project “You Know What” has been sent for further testing at the isolated blacksite PHL11 for use in our LRAD devices. Meanwhile project “Huckster” has passed off to blacksite TPA2 for holding. Possible further research into its electromagnetic effecting properties have been proposed but as of now no formal testing proposal has been submitted by the operations manager. Concurrently, HQ1 has sent out a capture team to locate Professor Sibla for questioning and possible cultivation. As of December 21st, the capture team have been unsuccessful in detaining Professor Sibla, but have found sources and a cold trail of his last whereabouts. Professor Sibla has shown no signs of stopping his projects and experiments as the cold trail and sources have indicated home-labs and strange occurrences in his wake. His capture and reformation are of upmost importance at this juncture. Updates will be sent to HQ1 on the status of the capture team and Professor Sibla as they develop.

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