Silkie – It Wasn’t You EP [MEDI096]

Getting closer to the 100th release, Deep Medi treats us with yet another record, this time mixing up new sounds with retrospective nostalgia. The last of four announced plates belongs to Silkie, a long time contributor to the label’s sound (including full length albums as well as numerous EPs), bringing back his characteristic twisted, funk-driven style, but this time headed into more industrial direction. All four released are filled not only with themed “bass weight”, but share a busy, percussive picture shaken up by polyrhythms and tense wobbles.

“It Wasn’t You” echoes Silkie’s jazzed up style, although this time it leaves behind the usual heavy, rigid drums. What we used to know as explosive snares filling the space, now have been replaced with rich and organic chaos of hits and dissonant flutes. Stuttering on triplets, it creates even more weight on the rhythmic level than in the actual bass that it provides, something particularly mastered by his new label brother – Bukez Finezt. The use of brass instruments and characteristic funky synths, however, puts an indisputable watermark of Silkie’s production.

The flip contrasts with the A-side through complete simplicity. “Jah Man” resembles the sound of early Deep Medi records with bare, regular drums sprung on the slowly oscillating heavy bass; combined with buzzing squared synths and unsettling arpeggios. As much as some might find it less adventurous, it is a pleasant reminiscent form of “old school” dubstep, especially genuine when served by someone so familiar with the scene.

“Computer Sound” (as the name suggests) provides all things digital, again filling the field with square waves, buzzes of synths and plain snares. The track rolls through four and half minutes in a modified strophic form, repeating and evolving variations of the same motif throughout. This structure makes it more of a sound statement, than typical track to mix, lacking the typical contrasting structure of build up opposed to drop.

All in all, MEDI096 will definitely satisfy those faithful to Silkie’s musical character, this time less melodic and darker, yet still showcasing the producer’s signature style on the B-sides. As for the A-side, it definitely shows the evolution of his sound, experimenting with hypnotic rhythms of specific energy that becomes uniform in the shaping future of Deep Medi.

MEDI096 is out now and available from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, White Peach, Juno, Boomkat, Rewind Forward and the Deep Medi Store.

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