Siskiyou – Mirrors EP [CHST043]

Coming in strong with its first release of 2018, Chestplate returns with a heavyweight debut three-tracker from latest label signee Siskiyou. I’m constantly in awe of Distance’s A&R skills, he consistently finds new producers who reflect those original Chestplate sounds whilst pushing the label’s style further down into twisted new avenues. I can’t really think of a better home for these three tracks, they scream Chestplate with their distorted saws and skull-splitting percussion – whilst eski snares and glacial melodies bring a distinct Siskiyou twist to the sound.

For my sins, I slept on Siskiyou’s Navy Cut release back in 2017 and oh boy do I wish I hadn’t. They’re two of the freshest guys out there now, and this release only serves to confirm this. They have an undeniable skill in producing some of the darkest 140 out there, their recently posted collaboration with Culprate entitled ‘Hollow Men’ is perhaps the evillest sounding track to come to light in 2018 so far. From start to finish, all three tracks on this EP are certified dancefloor destroyers. From the intense snares of ‘Mirrors’ to the icey pads of ‘Swerve’, not one of these disappoints in any conceivable form. The titular ‘Mirrors’ is a step heavy growler, using Lee Perry samples and switches in percussion to create a truly dark masterpiece. If you’re a fan of minimal grime and dubstep you’re in for a treat, ‘Swerve’ is a prime example of how to blend the two genres whilst leaving sufficient space for the tune to breath.

Personally though, its ‘BXXED’ that stands out the most. And that’s a difficult choice to make! For me though, it’s how Siskiyou harnesses the energies in ‘BXXED’ that make it the golden track. It’s honestly been such a long time since I’ve heard a tune with a switch up as big as ‘BXXED’. It’s one of those ones that runs the risk of you shouting “F__k off!” in a public place (I can only apologise to those I offended when this happened). The first half builds up with skippy saw basses and snippets of breaks, leading to an ethereal break down followed by what could only be described as a decapitation at <30hz. Let’s face it, we’re living in the glory days of dubstep. That’s why these kinds of releases are essential, big established labels providing platforms for the up n’ comers. With two sound styles so perfectly matched, I can’t imagine this is the only Siskiyou outing we’re going to be seeing on Chestplate. I don’t know about you, but I already can’t wait.

Mirrors is released April 13th and available from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, White Peach, Juno, Boomkat and Beatport.

  1. Awesome! The grime elements of this Chestplate release are off the wall. And yes, I am also prone to those “F__k Off!” moments. I can only hope they’re appropriate at the time. Last time was Sukh Knight dropping Kalawanji at Sub.Mission in Bristol I think…. in hindsight that sounds appropriate.

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