Soukah – Cats Eyes EP [DTR042]

Soukah is a producer from Germany who has been making a series of very dark and deep tunes, all of which fall in the dubstep category but manage to break the mould in ways that can only be explained by having a listen. After a strong series of digital releases and free EP’s, the Cats Eyes EP marks another debut on Dubtastic Records delivering a collection of tunes that will put you in a higher state of mind. All three carrying weight on the legs of broken beats that constantly grab your attention. At the same time they induce a trance not many pieces manage to achieve, with all three tunes achieving this in their own way.

“Cats Eyes” feels like a combination of a dubstep beat and techno progression. The different elements falling into place and disappearing in the mist again. It keeps your attention over the whole course of the song but never bores. Of the three it could be called the most conventional dubstep tune, even though that’s a bit of a long shot and as you listen to all three you will understand that Soukah doesn’t do anything conventional.

“A Different View Of Things That Happen” is where you really start to hear this sentiment. It starts off slow, the hard to follow beat being guided by a distant piano riff but then suddenly switches, bringing the melody closer and slightly lighting up the dark. The melody disappears after the break leaving you hanging in a dark cloud, only to return and save you soon after.

“Lynch On Acid” is where the last traces of normalcy gets shed. A percussion speeds up and slows down over a booming bass which is guided by drums that defy all norms. This song requires full attention over its whole course, lest you might lose yourself in its complicated patterns.

Cats Eyes is out now and available from Beatport, Juno Download and the Dubtastic Bandcamp Store.

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