Triky: Exclusive TRUSIK Mix

Triky sent over this exclusive half hour mix packed full of fresh dubs by himself, Haack, Server, Antics and many more. It’s a fantastic mix showcasing the development of Triky’s production and seamless mixing ability. One for the heads who like it deep dark and minimal. Would like to say a big thank you to Alex for his continued support of the blog and for sending me this mix. I aim to start a TRUSIK mix series similar to those you find on other blog sites, Hedmuk for example. Need to build up my connections first, however, if any producers / DJs out there reading this would like to spin a mix and send it in, I would be very grateful. It can be made up of anything; dubs, releases, remixes, or just tracks that you think define the genre in its current climate. If you are interested drop me a message. Either way Triky, the mix series begins with you.


  1. Triky – Trespassers
  2. Wen – Fossil
  3. Haack – Below
  4. Goli & Ashburner – Fields of vibration (Antics remix)
  5. Server – Turn
  6. Lowpass – Hotaru
  7. Subreachers & Antics – Clairvoyance
  8. Triky – Restless
  9. Haack – The Tide
  10. Triky – Lucid Nightmares
  11. Triky – Information
  12. Dcult – Tombs
  13. RDG – Ancient Dungeon
  14. Thelem – Lucid Dream
  15. Antics – Unconscious
  16. Triky – Old Methods


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