TRUSIK Recommends: November 2019

There are literal metric tons of new records being released every month. We figured we’d put together a monthly list of our favourites to help you cut through the noise. No genre or tempo is off limits, nor are our lists meant to be exhaustive, but we hope that these lists will expand your record collections and DJ sets with producers and songs you may have otherwise not have heard before.

Dubkasm – Two x Two | Khaliphonic

ZamZam’s sister label always delivers the goods and their release with Dubkasm ain’t no different. Two hot steppas, two equally wild versions.

Pugilist & Sub Basics – Reflections | Temple of Sound

Our boy Pugilist mixes it up with Sub Basics for 3 low slung technoid workouts. If you’ve listened to any of our TRUSIK Radio transmissions lately, you should already know that we rate this one highly.

Claro Intelecto – In Vitro: Volumes One & Two | Delsin

Delsin rounds up Claro Intelecto’s wide body of work into an expansive two part release that showcases one of the most distinctive voices in techno music.

Ternion Sound – Sound The Alarm | GourmetBeats

Joe Nice’s long awaited plate via the Ternion Sound boys finally has dropped. All four tunes have lit up dances from the West Coast to the East Coast and just about anywhere else. Snag it or you’re basically a jabroni.

Mulengasound – Depth of Soul | Glome Sound

Tipped by Keysound and Livity Sound, Bristol’s Mulengasound is the newest from Ohio digital label Glome Sound, a label who’s expertly curated back catalogue you should check out, for a four tracker that creates a great floor focused release.

Sleeper – Militant Focus | Crucial Recordings

Sleeper’s back again for four speaker cone bruisers that take no prisoners. Highly tipped for those DJs that play on the big boy rigs.

TCP – Past Futuristic Dubs | Certain Dubs

Back to ’06 styles with the German based Certain Dubs, not much that I could find on this release, but it’s better to let the tunes speak for themselves honestly.

Eusebeia – LORE LTD 003 | Western Lore

Western Lore’s latest limited drop from Eusebeia has two delicious jungle rollers that tick all the 90’s fixings; lush pads, soaring melodies, hard breaks and fathoms deep sub weight.

Dub Dynasty – Gideon | Steppas Records

Alpha Steppa and Christine Omega form up again under their Dub Dynasty guise for a new record that features the best vocalists in contemporary roots music today that’s anchored by their heavy as stone production and songs that inspire, educate and liberate.

J:Kenzo – Taygeta Code | Artikal Music

More ambitious that his self-titled album, J:Kenzo jumps from dubstep, DnB, dub techno, and even a bit of acid with his second album. Dubstep fans take note!

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