Versa – Seed / Planting


Versa finally returns to ZamZam after a painfully long period since his original Midsummers Night Dub release. Both tracks on this single combine stunning melodica leads with dreamy guitar to create a very well rounded release.

The roll of thunder at the beginning of “Seed” hints at the bassweight the track has, and following on are dreamy guitar chops, which pulse and fade, luring in the introduction of a punchy kick drum pattern. An Augustus Pablo-esque melodica lead ebbs and flows throughout the track like a river, and mixes brilliantly with the medley of phased chops that keep the track moving. Funky telecaster counter leads give the song a chilled vibe, and contrast to the constant sub and kick drums.

“Planting” starts with filtered and phased chops and hats before quickly introducing a weighty and warming bassline. The sub acts as the backbone of the track and centres it whilst intermittent guitars and melodica leads fade in and out. The almost call-and-response of the guitars and melodica have an intoxicating effect as you get drunk on their chilled out dub vibes. Rare injections of electric guitar gives the track a live and organic feel. The beat is very simple which gives a good amount of room for the delay tails of the leads and rather brilliantly there is no breakdown in the track, which allows it to steadily progress with the delays become more prominent as the track goes on.

The two tracks from Versa combine that textbook ZamZam recipe of chilled vibes and bassweight; both songs leave you feeling drunk with dub by the end, and the continuation of both melodica and guitar throughout tie the tracks together fantastically. A brilliant second release on the label from Versa; let’s hope we don’t have to wait ages for a third!

ZamZam67 is released December 14th and available from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, White Peach, Juno and Intense Records.

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