Youngsta & Cimm – Split Minds / Redshift [TEMPA111]

Breaking off a three-year releasing hiatus, Youngsta comes back with a new two-tracker for Tempa. Here he enlists Cimm, who recently gathered attention with a few dubplates in collaboration with the likes of LX One and Ben Verse. Cimm’s first release, Split Minds / Redshift sees both producers produce two tracks that vary in aim and atmosphere, though they share similar aesthetics.

In typical Youngsta fashion, “Split Minds” is a minimalist construction that harks back to 2006-style dubstep. The track’s foundations are sparse, stripped down to an unsteady halfstep drum beat that acts as a canvas on which other elements are surreptitiously added. A darting bass hit is the main focus here, with other sounds revolving around this recurrent pattern. Youngsta and Cimm make good use of 808 cowbells, as well as reverberated vocals in the introduction and bridge, introducing a sibylline ambience that brings the track beyond the sole purpose of shaking a dancefloor.

Even though it displays the same intent to use as few elements as possible, “Redshift” is a much quieter affair. Dubbed out pads replace the A-side’s round bass, while the drums are reduced to a few pounding kicks and fading hi-hats. The tune’s sound design is impressive, giving each sound its full expression, and allowing the synths to arrange a nocturnal, melancholy mood. Though it is less likely to destroy a club than “Split Minds”, “Redshift” is the real highlight here, weaving a fascinating atmosphere that one can easily get lost in.

This new single thus sees Youngsta – alongside Cimm – going for the minimal sound we have come to know him for, though it cannot be summed up as simply more of the same. “Redshift”, in particular, showcases a different take on that style, while still demonstrating a stunning ability to leave each element in its right location: another great track to add to Youngsta’s canon, and a perfect way for Cimm to close his debut release.

TEMPA111 is released October 14th and available from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, Juno, Boomkat, Bleep, Intense Records and Juno Download.

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