Download: Sleeper – Submerged

“What is it that you want?”

Sleeper recently announced he would giveaway a free track once his fan page reached 333. That number being surpassed in a matter of days suggests the dubstep community has been itching to finally own one of Sleeper’s finer productions. Well here we are, exclusive to TRUSIK, you can download his track entitled “Submerged” for free. As a thank you to the community for all the support, this eerie minimal piece is dark and dangerous potentially playing out as the soundtrack to your nightmares. The title “Submerged” aptly characterises the track and is going to take the community by storm.

It’s already popular among DJs who play the deep dark minimal sound opening a number of Youngsta’s Rinse FM sets some months back. The scene has already been exposed to a number of Sleeper’s dubs notably “Dungeon Style” and “GTFO” and many others that can be found in exclusive mixes, Youtube or Sleeper’s SoundCloud. As many of you already know, Sleeper has teamed up with District for a number of collaborations producing some of the finest minimal pieces I’ve heard in a long time. Believe me when I say, if you think what you’ve already heard is sublime, Sleeper & District are already working on some next level production that will outshine their current work. So I recommend that you all stay tuned into the Rinse FM shows of both Youngsta and Distance over the coming months.

Sleeper and District revealed themselves only six months ago but are already hughly popular among the minimal movers. The dynamic duo have become one of my personal favourites and I have followed and supported everything that they have made available so far. Knowing that there is much more to come at an even higher standard is a promising yet intoxicating thought.

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