Goth-Trad shares April mix featuring material from new album

Short mix including my recent remix work and some new material forthcoming on my new album” – Goth-Trad


01. Transitional – Galaxia Obscure [Avalanche Recordings]
02. GOTH-TRAD – Grind (Dub) [Forthcoming on New Album]
03. The Body – Our Souls Were Clean [Rvng Intl.]
04. ENDON – Just Like Everybody (GOTH-TRAD Remix) [Daymare Recordings]
05. JK FLESH – Pleasurer [Avalanche Recordings]
06. GOTH-TRAD – Eraser (Dub) [Forthcoming on New Album]
07. GOTH-TRAD – Crooked Temple (Dub) [Forthcoming on New Album]
08. GOTH-TRAD – Disorder (Dub) [Forthcoming on New Album]
09. Boris x GOTH-TRAD – Deadsong (Promo Only) [Fangs Anal Satan]
10. GOTH-TRAD – Locomotive (Dub) [Forthcoming on New Album]
11. GOTH-TRAD – Joust (Dub) [Forthcoming on New Album]

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