TMSV announces new label: Perfect Records

TMSV has made regular appearances on TRUSIK having took the reins of our 45th mix last year and is an artist we have continued to support over the years since his debut signings on Tube 10 and Box Clever back in 2010. A warmly received return to music after a short hiatus has seen him release a plethora of outstanding records spanning various bpms across a number of different labels, from his regular appearance spot on Artikal Music to OM Unit’s Cosmic Bridge and the Ireland based Rua Sound. The next phase of his career however, sees the Dutch wonder finally take the plunge and launch his own label under the paradoxical title “Perfect Records”, a name derived from the imprint’s philosophy for imperfection. Taking to his Facebook page today, Tomas Roels wrote;

The past decade has been special for me. I went from producing beats in my bedroom to being able to perform across Europe and beyond, signing with labels I love and working with people I look up to. There’s been a lot of ups and many downs, and recently I’ve been taking music more seriously than ever. After stepping away from everything for a while, I came back with a fresh perspective that’s been inspiring me ever since. I feel more in control of my music career than ever. Which brings me to my big announcement: I’ve started a label.

The label is called Perfect Records. It’s not as pretentious as you may think, though: as you’ll be able to hear from the first release, the label’s focus is well-crafted electronic music that embraces the beauty of imperfection. It won’t revolve around a particular genre or tempo, and my aim for the label is to release music that works in the club as well as stuff that’s good to listen to at home, but we will start off with a familiar style:

PRF001 will be a solo 12” from myself, consisting of 3 tunes. The tune on the A side is a much anticipated 140 BPM sound system smasher with a heavy bassline, dissonant synth sounds and frantic percussion. It’s been played in clubs and on radio shows around the world by DJs such as Kahn & Neek, Mala, Joe Nice and Vivek. The title of that tune, as well as the other two, will be revealed over the next few weeks. Perfect Records is all about imperfection. In my opinion, character is what makes electronic music special. I’ve always loved music that incorporates dissonance and dares to work with dusty, crackly, unreliable sound sources to try and create that Perfect Record.

PRF001 will be out June 9th 2017 on 12” vinyl (180g) with a full artwork sleeve and hand stamped labels. It will also be available through all good digital channels. Follow the Facebook and Soundcloud pages for updates.