Silkie and Quest announce Antisocial Records

After a five year hiatus, Antisocial Entertainment is finally back in the spotlight as Silkie and Quest announce the launch of Antisocial Records. For those who aren’t familiar, this legendary super group once consisted of Kromestar, Silkie, Quest, Jay5ive, G Double, Heny.G, Razor Rekta, Harry Craze, Mizz Beats, Unorthadox, Crossova and even Vivek. Although heavyweights in the present day, they were often quoted as the most underrated and under appreciated “crew” in the biz, as hard as that is to believe. Given that the majority of these talented individuals have moved on in different musical directions, the core members are still significantly involved, and leading the way in the underground music scene. From System to Deep Medi, Innamind, Chestplate and Kromestar’s numerous musical projects under different aliases, you’ll find these pioneers at the forefront of it all.

Enter the rebirth of Antisocial. With an updated family crest and snazzy label artwork designed by Freshcore (who also designed the artwork for Silkie’s Fractals LP), and in association with SubPac, Silkie and Quest took to their social media pages to announce the label’s debut release. ASR001 kicks off with none other than Silkie himself featuring three video game themed tracks to form the “Don’t Play Games” EP. Pre-orders will be available soon, so keep an eye on the Antisocial Records socials. In the meantime, check out the artwork, tracklist and previews below.

1. Silkie vs Joss Ryan – Sub Castle (Bowser Riddim)

2. Silkie – Sonic Boom (Guile Stage Theme)
3. Silkie – FF7 (Final Fantasy 7 Battle Theme)

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