Press Release: ADP – Horsemouth VIP / Oxossi – Mr. Shelby [BS001]

New American label, Banana Stand Sound offers up their first (and strictly vinyl) release with two rude bassbin wreckers that’ll test any system and soundbwoy to match. Supporting their hometown of San Diego, Banana Stand Sound features two locals on the buttons, ADP and Oxossi who are out to prove they aren’t messing around when it comes to sub pressure. With support coming from Joe Nice, Compa, and J:Kenzo, Banana Stand Sound seems poised and ready to become a household name here in the States and abroad as well.

First up is ADP’s ‘Horsemouth VIP’, in which the sub gets retrofitted into a Coki-eqsue pummeling wobbler that’ll shake your eye sockets and rattle your rib-cage. Loose and almost drunken hi-hats keep things moving, as a cyber-Rasta portends the fall of Babylon and all it’s vices and evils. And with a sub figure like that, the walls of Babylon should be rubble in no time flat.

On the flip is Oxossi’s ‘Mr. Shelby’. Sounding like the mutant offspring of LAS and trap motifs (in the best possible way), ‘Mr. Shelby’ is equal parts blaring horns that morph into dungeon growls and rough worldly percussion that LAS does so well. An exotic flute or some other woodwind instrument wails atop it all while down below the bassline stomps and keeps it dark and aggressive. A deadly unique sound system slayer!

BS001 will be released April and is available to pre-order from the Banana Stand Sound store.

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