Press Release: EGOLESS – From Dust To Dub / Broken Tape Dub [LIONCHG009]

Ringing in the New Year in high style, Lion Charge returns with their ninth outing of super limited wax. This time Egoless helms the mixing board with two duppy speaker cone wreckers. In true King Tubby style, both are full of haunted house effects, reverbed guitar chops and steppa b-lines.

On the A-Side, Egoless opens with ‘From Dust to Dub’. Dub sirens crack the void as a thick muck of sonic sorcery folds into itself. The steppa sub rumbles and sets a slow, determined pace for some eyes down meditation while the percussion is treated with all sorts of spring reverb and other Black Ark psychedelia.

Meanwhile, ‘Broken Tape Dub’ rounds out the B-side with wheezing organ drones as a heaving sub figure is outfitted with neck snapping snare cracks and guttural dungeon atmospherics. Like the A-side before it, ‘Broken Tape Dub’ is lathered in a hallucinatory soup of space echo and busted reverb tanks.

LIONCHG009 will be released January 19th and is available to pre-order from the Lion Charge store.

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