Press Release: EshOne – Petroglyphs EP [ARTKL011]

Artikal Music UK launches into 2014 with a stomping EP from newly signed artist EshOne. The New Mexico based Producer & DJ leads as one of the main producers pushing dubstep forward in North America. These 4 tracks from EshOne each reflect upon his unique & formidable take on the 140 bpm soundscape.  ARTKL011 pushes onward with four carefully selected tracks from EshOne, each individual and showcasing the depth within his production talents.

The A side features ‘Petroglyphs’. This track slowly carves out a dense atmosphere, blanketing the track with a vibrant lead synth & snares drenched in reverb. EshOne draws upon organic sounds in this track, from the sampling of flowing water, to his choice in tribal drums. A soft whisper of a moaning female comes in along the synth progression, targeting a deep grasp on the listener. The sound fabricated throughout ‘Petroglphys’ radiates with a massive forward thinking energy. The tune progresses swiftly, drawing from the uniquely crafted synth work molded into form alongside intelligent percussion.  EshOne’s subtle details in this tune accentuate the soundscape. Apocalyptic chords float amongst the shuffle of the drum work.

‘Number Nine’ crafts strong melodic vibes through the use of warm synth notes, sharp hi hats and deep, punchy kick drums. From the intro the track offers a dense synthetic atmosphere, rich with a sense of anticipation. Crackling of thunder furthermore details a sense of depth & darkness. Dub elements come into play with snare reverb and low sine waves bouncing amidst clean-yet-techy drum work. ‘Number Nine’ progresses fluently with melodic synth pads leading. The dissolving bassline ushers a new drum arrangement into the breakdown, creating a new sense of space. The different time signatures used in the percussion details ‘Number Nine’ as an intellectually refreshing 140bpm production.

‘Hot Sauce’ finds itself’ as the third track on the record. Warm, spatial synths couple clean drum work, creating a captivating presence. Hypnotic kick drums bounce between soft shakers & hand drums. This track encompasses southern salsa-like vibes with the tribal infused fusion that EshOne has so meticulously created. Prominent sounds from the synth work shapes a sound that is impressionable & unique. EshOne’s productions progress to take on their own unique presence, detailing his very creative and forward thinking sound design.

The digital exclusive tune ‘Watchful Eye’ carries the deepest vibe of the four. This tune has especially crisp percussion. The soft detail of the atmosphere undulating behind the staggered kick drum flows collectively alongside the metallic clang of soft percussive accents. Meditative tribal drums bounce amidst the progressive layering in this track. A solid surging sub bassline masks the empty space behind the drum work. The syncopated percussive elements are joined with a subtle gasping vocal, releasing the tension of the previous phrases. This deep, rolling tune is a perfect addition to EshOne’s EP, giving it a definite purpose as apart of this release.

ARTKL011 will be released February 3rd and is available to pre-order from the Artikal Music Store.