Press Release: Iilti – Wake Up / Wash and Shake [FORT001]

The A-side ‘Wake Up’ is a rude steppa with low-slung gangsta bass and an even ruder snare. Mala-eqsue oscillations only add to the smoked-out vibe, as other sonic debris floats in and out of dubspace. It’s a deeply meditative experience that’ll have your dreads swinging to and fro in time in no time.

On the flip, ‘Wash and Shake’ is armed with harmonic, eye vibrating sub frequencies that’ll wreck your head on a proper system. Meanwhile, some disembodied melancholic voice tries to sing the blues away as dusty bongos and swampy percs murk it up.

FORT001 is out now and available from the Fortress Dubs store.

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