Press Release: Ipman & Killawatt – Jigsaw Dub / Runaway Version [LIONCHG002]

Lion Charge Records second of their vinyl only white label releases comes in once again from Ipman & Killawatt. Following up from sell out LIONCHG001, this 12” pushes forward with prominent dubwise sounds across both sides. Stemming from the roots of dub and reggae, the Lion Charge imprint pays homage to the predecessors of modern soundsystem culture.

Fully embodying that dubbed out sound, the A side ‘Jigsaw Dub’ combines Ipman & Killawatt’s fortified engineering methods with an unprecedented sense of progression across the entire track. Detailed breaks in the percussion, tied together with delay-ridden atmospheric elements emboss the ‘Lion Charge’ presence to the fullest. Both tunes resonate with thick sub-bass, which completely wraps the listener in their undeniable low end presence.

‘Runaway Dub’ possesses a solid 4×4 kick underneath the vocal, which exists alongside more ambient percussive elements. The weighty bassline couples the details that linger behind the drums. Subtle undertones of a more ‘Version’ oriented production are drawn from the reverb soaked hand drums and thick delay that remains prominent across both sides. Hypnotic horns harmonize with the vocals on ‘Runaway Dub’ creating a masterful track that further defines the Lion Charge vibe. The 12″ vinyl release will be available June 17th, 2013.

LIONCHG002 is out now and available to purchase from the Lion Charge Store.