Press Release: Ipman – Sensory Deprivation / Non-Integer Multiple [ARTKL008]

ARTKL008 oversees the label’s vision to explore the boundaries of sonic sub-bass, whilst retaining the holistic package of offbeat minimalism. Known for mobilizing only the finest, a man like Ipman delivers an impressive framework of complex rhythmical patterns and impeccable bass constructs.

Sensory Deprivation demonstrates Ipman’s awareness for innovative sound design through a prism of experimental craftwork. Opening with a sample from the 1958 documentary ‘Gateways To The Mind’, the track plummets into a hypnotic bombardment of tightly controlled bass, swirled with distorted electro riffage and swift syncopated percussion. This intense simulation deepens after the breakdown with an oscillating wave of ecstatic sub-bass, submerging the senses into a rich hallucinogenic trance.

The dubelectro odyssey transcends on the flip with Non-Integer Multiple. A warm entrancing soundscape builds upon a steady rhythm of melodic chords, rhapsodic textures and invigorating drum patterns sealed by halfstep bass movement. Ipman’s willingness to engineer neoteric aesthetics delivers a true sensory experience and a new meaning to kaleidoscopic sound design.

ARTKL008 will be released July 8th and is available to pre-order from the Artikal Music Store.