Press Release: Karma – Heal / Rumblefish / Flee In The Fog (w/ Dubtro) [IMRV014]

A new addition to the Innamind family has arrived in the form of Karma. With releases on Vivek’s always instabag worthy SYSTEM and Goth-Trad’s amazing Back to Chill “Mugen” compilation, Innamind clearly knows what’s up with the young producer. With IMRV014, Karma doesn’t disappoint with three long time dubplates for another Innamind winner, and like the past few releases, LAS contributes some stellar artwork for IMRV014.

‘Heal’ is a ruff and ready steppa that’s slathered in spring reverb and arcing, melancholic synth washes that scan the night skies of the world cities as a Rasta elder utters blessings of healing over all the nations of the Earth. After the second drop, rootical nyabhingi burns down Babylon, bringing with it the fall of the wicked ones and the psychic vampires.

‘Rumble Fish’ sounds like it should be Innamind’s sister label Blacklist, with its more concertina wire textures and tones and kaleidoscopic samples – jungle noises, what seems to be a pitched up string sample, and other dissonant ephemera – meanwhile the sub bass oscillates and quivers for a full body sensory experience that would be perfect for the Tsunami Bass Sound System.

Closing out IMRV014, Karma teams up with Japanese comrade in sound Dubtro for ‘Flee in the Fog’ which swirls amongst dubspace and most likely a busted Electro-Harmonix phaser. With melodic percussion detailing and spacey atmospherics enveloping the body and mind, everything is thrown askew midway through as a heart-on-sleeve diapason emerges, building the dance into a cathartic outpouring that is both supremely joyful and heartbreakingly sad at the same time.

IMRV014 will be released August 28th and is available from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, White Peach and Bleep.

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