Press Release: Perverse – Tesla / Timelapse [ARTKL006]

ARTKL006 marks the label’s first release in 2013 and the second installment on Artikal Music by Perverse. Having proved their outstanding production skills on The Iceman EP (ARTKL002), the Kiwi duo return to demonstrate their versatility and continual artistic growth. The A-side “Tesla”, is a militant siege of guerrilla layered synths fused with a collateral drum pattern to devastate the dancefloor with detrimental effect. A trademark eerie soundscape is closely pursued by an embellishing riff of melodic stabs before the entire rhythm is infiltrated by razor steel drums, loosely slung synths and sub-bass movement.

“Timelapse” on the flip, is a more cinematic affair revealing the duo’s ability to write poetic music with a capacity to touch the inner soul. A hypnotic soundscape cocooned by an abundance of sonic elements captivates your attention from the very first bar; from the intricately delayed double snares and light rhythmical taps to the pulsating synth quivering beneath the resonating sub-bass. The harmonic octaves which glide over the atmospheric textures continue to liberate the mind with a sense of tranquil nostalgia. The sound of trickling water adds the final majestic touch. The digital exclusive is once again evidence that Perverse continue to challenge themselves musically. ‘Unexpected’, perhaps an apt title for its hybrid aesthetics is driven by a rich, full-bodied bassline underpinning the licks of meticulous percussion, warping reese synths, and tech infused blips encircling the palpitating tones.

ARTKL006 is out now and available from the Artikal Music Store.