Red Moon Rising Records presents ‘Khadag’

“Khadag” is a charity compilation by Red Moon Rising Records to help raise support and awareness for Humanitarian Bazaar’s Refugee Assistance Project. For those who are not familiar with Humanitarian Bazaar, it is a global organisation which produces alternative media and cultural projects in order to help people survive war, disaster, and the pursuit of peace. The Refugee Assistance Project helps Somali peace activists, who have been targeted by violence, to rebuild their lives with legal aid, providing living expenses for the most vulnerable, and assist their efforts to continue with their important work.

Some of the activists’ stories will be portrayed in the forthcoming feature film, ‘Live from Mogadishu’. The ‘Mogadishu Music Festival’, the first music festival in Somalia for over 20 years was created by the artists / activists to empower the youth against extremism. The name ‘Khadag’ is a mongolian word which stands for ‘Ritual Silk Scarf’, a symbol of respect, honor and prayers. This solidarity compilation is symbolic of the respect and support of the contributing artists to the Somali musicians. Artist to artist, heart to heart. Each artist contibuted their music without charge and each cent raised (minus some mastering and hardhare costs) will go towards the NGO, with full disclosure of the usage of the funds.

The compilation features 14 tracks by well known artists such as Om Unit, District, D-Operation Drop, Clearlight, as well as Austrian producer TinyType. Stream the tracks below. If you like what you hear, head to the Red Moon Rising Bandcamp page and make a donation to download the compilation.

Khadag is released May 1st and available from the RED MOON RISING BANDCAMP.

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