Review: Vaun & Jafu – In Pieces w/ J.Sparrow & Sly One Remixes [ALBION001]

The lads over at Albion Collective debut their new label with a 100bpm-ish lover’s anthem by Vaun and Jafu backed with two versions, a true to form dubstep remix from Deep Medi sub monger J.Sparrow and a percussive onslaught from Sly One that tucks nicely into the mongrel musik of 130 bass. With such a varied debut release it will be interesting to watch the label’s sonic aesthetic develop as the months go on. My suggestion is to keep your ears to the ground and see what the Albion Collective comes up with next. Here’s wishing Albion Collective the best!

Vaun and Jafu go toe to toe with a slow as molasses, sexy RnB indebted piece of beatsmithery that sounds like something that would wreck a Soulection show. With tender rhodes twinkling and elegiac, soaring string accompaniment in the background “In Pieces” would be perfect to rinse post – Netflix and chill with that special someone as a screwed voice gently reminds that the love you give will feed (metaphorically of course) someone you may not know. Loose finger snaps intermingled with crispy 808 hats give the rhythmic carriage that sluggish LA crawl as a triumphant digi-trumpet cracks through the stargazing synth work like tear drops falling.

Meanwhile, Medi artist and legend Jack Sparrow surprisingly gives a lackluster remix. With an ‘05 Cyrus-eqsue percussion palate of dry and hollow drums, slightly sped up stems, a forgettable bassline, and an obligatory reggae drum fill to tie it nicely together, the J.Sparrow remix feels like color by numbers dubstep tune, albeit an introspective color by numbers dubstep track, which may perhaps be in poorer taste. While the J.Sparrow hick-up detracts from the release overall, the Albion Collective’s first release finishes strongly with Sly One on remix duties. Coming with pure club material aimed straight for the dance floor, Sly One’s remix stands in stark contrast to the lavender sensuality of the original. With clipped amens, wide open space for the subs to bruise the body and the speaker cones, Pulse X lazer fire, and a grime mentality, Sly One seems to have gone for the kitchen sink option. It peels back for a hot minute to wallow in the sentimentality and heartbroken vocal refrain till it kicks back into high gear for a 130 jungly second half thats pure ruffage. Watch it, watch it!

Overall, a strong debut by the Albion Collective that’s sadly bogged down by an uninspired remix from scene legend J.Sparrow, but the source material with its bedroom agenda and LA beat scene stylings in tandem with Sly One’s agitated 130 junglist rework hits all the right spots between feminine pressure and rudebwoy brok-out to keep things interesting for both the club and home listening.

ALBION001 will be available on 12″ vinyl & digital format September 25th.

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