Thelem explores new sonic territory with Canopy Of Concerns

Thelem’s sounds portray that of a definitive purveyor from within the dubstep community. His sonic excursions have progressed existentially over the past couple of years to where his creations are known to resemble forward thinking engineering and a emit a solid emphasis on movement surrounded by tribalistic percussive elements. He has been releasing music on Osiris Music, having collaborations with Biome on New Moon Recordings, as well as his collaborations with Osiris Music label-mate and friend Killawatt on Black Box Records. He also released a collaboration with Chestplate Records artists Sleeper on Get Darker’s 2013 compilation entitled “Arrakis”.

As of recent, Thelem’s newest bit “Canopy Of Concerns” has been seeing lots of support from Youngsta on his Rinse FM show. “Canopy Of Concerns” draws from Thelem’s techy and intellectual influences. The pounding of autonomic kick drums and clear, crisp synths resemble his finite attention to detail. Although the composition captures his signature regime of spatial melodic pads, other funky mid range tones permeate through the clean hi-hats and rides. Thelem’s unique blend of depth and movement always makes for a surefire blend in the mix. This track is a definite weapon in the arsenal of any capable sonic solider. I do hope this has plans for a release.

Another noteworthy bit from Thelem is his remix work on Gantz – “U Wont Mind”. Thelem spaces the vocal sample along with altering the density behind the kick drums. That paired with his deep and dense atmospheric work accompany the rework into a darker-yet-equally captivating track. I almost prefer Thelem’s signature patchwork and percussion arrangements to the original by Gantz. His accentuation on the low end bassline across this remix further distinguish the remix’s purpose and intent. This one is sure to a highly sought after dubplate.

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