Thelem uploads new track “Petrichor”

As some may see an over emphasis being placed on what sounds are identifiable within the ever changing sonic imprint of 140 bpm soundsystem music; I can safely say there are few specific engineers at work harvesting their own unique, identifiable mixture of sounds. Such producers separate themselves from the pack by focusing on harnessing a unique and original composition.

Thelem’s more recent sound has boasted an exponential growth in production quality. Coming from operating and releasing music on his own imprint ‘Orientis Records’ throughout 2011 as well as having a 12″ on ‘Loft Party Records’, Thelem was quickly observed by his peers as a heavyweight producer with a tremendous amount of potential to grow. 2012 saw multiple singles from Thelem, having being signed to the UK based Osiris Music imprint. The music being put forth since embodies the depth and limitless imaginative creation that Thelem demonstrates on each project.

Being able to create such consistent and prominent tunes time and time again, Thelem demonstrates his dedication for intelligent, forward thinking beats on his most recent tune in progress ‘Petrichor’. This track comes to life immediately with a notion of urban movement, drawn from the subtle voiceover of a transit PA system. Hefty waves of ambient sound compliment the dark movement ushered in from undulating kicks. Soft harmonics rapidly ascend up then down, repetitively with grace before the listener is launched forward into a luscious drop of immense bass weight and energy. Progressive synth pads add further definition to this fresh beat.

Thelem’s attention to detail proves rewarding upon a thorough re-listen. This clip seems to hit all of the right notes for me. Aggressive movement from the kick pattern couples nicely with his choice low-end bassline in ‘Petrichor’. Thelem is holding a high standard on production & ingenuity, making him one of my highest rated engineers writing dubstep right now. Link up with Thelem on his socials, and make sure to check out his multiple EP’s on Osiris Music UK.