TRUSIK Tribal Mix by Sageon

As part of my induction to team TRUSIK, Alastair and I thought it would be perfect to introduce myself with a mix.

As a follower of TRUSIK from its emergence as a blog dedicated to the Youngsta sound, I wanted to encapsulate what we were all about in one mix: deep, contemplative bass music.

Alastair has been instrumental to the composition of this mix, from the renown he’s gained with TRUSIK to the acquisition of half of the tracks used in the mix. There may be several artists that you may not recognise but please do not let that stifle your curiosity, each track used is heavyweight.


Lack – Atmosphere [Dub]
DCult – Tombs [Dub]
SYZ – Fade To Grey [Dub]
Krytikal – Emptiness [Dub]
Compa – Darker Observations [Dub]
J:Kenzo – Nocturnal Feelings [Tuba]
Commodo & Lurka – Airtight [Blackbox]
Dequity – Ethereal [Dub]
Thelem – Illusions [Orientis]
>>> HAACK – Black Heart [Sub Lab]
Cymatic – Glue [Box Clever]
Pressa – Orbs [Orientis]
DJ Madd – Awaken [Blackbox]
Formless – Paradox [Dub]
>>> Kryptic Minds – Hybrid [Osiris]
Lack – Nox [Dub]
Objekt – The Goose That Got Away [Objekt]
>>> Silkie – It’s Late [Deep MEDi]
Mosaix – Zanzibar [Dub]
Tes La Rok – Them [Noppa]
Compa – Surface [Dub]
Plastician – Unhappy Shopper [Contagious]
Instra:mental – Thomp [Nonplus]
Woodkid – Iron [Unknown]

Steppers, salute!

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