Youngsta: dubstep’s iconic DJ

If you’re a true dub head or follower of Rinse, this man needs no introduction. However, if you are new to dubstep or looking for something a little deeper than this obnoxious “tear out” sound thats currently floating about, and sadly infecting the dubstep scene, Youngsta is your man. Only in his 20’s, he’s a veteran in the scene and one of the leading DJ’s of the genre. He currently has his own slot on Rinse FM most Thursday nights playing exclusive dubplates that may never see the light of day. After getting into dubstep myself back in 2008, I found myself being drawn in by his perfect track selections and almost story build sets that made him so unique. Some will say that the tracks he plays sound too “apocalyptic” but it’s the seamless mixing and the perfect bpm matching that make him one of the best. Youngsta represents the underground; he’s a behind the scenes guy and you’ll rarely hear him on the mic. But more interestingly, he’s now co-producing tracks to his taste with the likes of N-Type, SP:MC, Icicle, Joker D and probably his favourite, Kryptic Minds. You can’t find much information on the man but you can head over to the DubstepForum where a popular thread has grown over the last few months.

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