Zygos – Haunt EP

Release Date
28th Feb 2020

Across 2019, Zygos brought us the self-released Tomos EP, a 180g pressing on Foundation Audio and a lesson in bassweight with Teffa on our very own TRUSIK imprint. Opening 2020, the Rarefied mischief-maker slings another self-released four (or more…) track EP onto his Bandcamp.

Harnessing body-submerging atmospherics and effortlessly driving his sub bass deeper than the Mariana Trench, Zygos carves thick pulsations, teeth-chattering hi-hats and session-guiding vibes into his brand new ‘Haunt’ EP. Dubstep’s iconic Arabic violin drives significance into the title track’s eyes-down wave machine. The thick, stone-wobbling bassline is joined by Chestplate streetlamps and a snare-mashed rhythm in Tosti’s remix of ‘Haunt’, marking the first artist other than Zygos to be featured on the Belgian producer’s self-released titles.

Continuing the joyride through black-and-white backstreets, ‘Labels’ stomps sense out of dungeon-esque dancefloors one foreboding kickdrum at a time. Colour seeps through the cracks when ‘Xi Dub’ ushers in the sunrise. Zygos’ third original track steps into newly traversed, trap-ridden territory, where a koto lights the way.

With word of sonic freebies (not the blue hedgehog kind, especially not after that recently released horror show) and exclusive merch due to drop on Zygos’ Bandcamp in 2020, we’re likely to see the ‘Gutted’, ‘Tomos’ and ‘Haunt’ EP’s joined by more twisted, artisanal flavours.

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